ISO22000: 2018 Standard

ISO22000: 2018 Standard

The successful implementation of the food safety management system may be a strategic key decision.

This improves the overall function of food safety.

ISO22000 standard definition: ISO22000 is fully known as food safety management standard.

O22000 is the most comprehensive and up-to-date ISO standard for monitoring food from farms to consumers. It is also in ISO9001:2015 and Based on the HACCP standard.

The integrity of this standard is due to the level of coverage and supervision, the ability to control and manage all processes and The stages of the production cycle start from the farm and follow the stages of processing, production and packaging.

It will be packaged and eventually distributed.

What are the principles of the food safety management system?

Determining food safety can be traced back to customer consumption, because any stage of the process from farm to consumer may involve food safety

Risk:The purpose of implementing the ISO22000 standard is to assure consumers that all Identify potential hazards that may occur during product production, and take precautions to ensure that healthy and high-quality final products are not damaged.

The main application of ISO22000 standards to all organizations active in the food industry is that they can produce and supply sustainable security

Full-sex products: Based on the principles and universality of ISO22000, if organizations use it, they can create the following potential capabilities.

Able to continuously prepare safe and healthy foods and products that meet the requirements, and legally consider the sensitivity of customers.

It leads to continuous monitoring of the potential risks of organizational products.

3-Prove that the organization has the ability to comply with the requirements and instructions stipulated in the food safety management system.

SO22000 follows a process approach that includes the design, implementation, review and action cycle.