Bitatin Estahban Cooperative company is registered in August 2011 under the registry number 392

. The company has started its work with members that have more than 20 years of experience in buying, selling and packging dried figs and has been able to achieve its goals and make progress every year. This company uses high tech machinery like color sorting and automatic filling machines in different weights and a fully equipped laboratory to produce, process and package dried fruits like dates, Damask rose and specially dried figs. Bitatin company is especially active in buying, selling and packaging different grades of highest quality highly nutritious figs according to the most updated standards of the world.

This company has been able to provide the world with its products under the two brand names of Banasak Fig and Golden fig.

Bitatin cooperative company has an average of 70 production hall workers that are mostly females and are carefully chosen based on the two top important criteria of healthfulness and high experience.

Production hall workers initially go through all sanitation and health card tests. In case they are verified, the procedures of election and training classes get started. Special training courses are held separately for each product and accepted participants get the chance to start up work in the factory.

It is evident that different halls and production site machineries like size-sorting and color-sorting machines need workers with different skills and abilities. Besides, there are some workers that are specially assigned to the task of eye sorting on cleaning belts. That is where the figs, dates or other products move on some big rails or belts and more experienced workers help the less experienced ones to clean or eye-sort products the way they were instructed.

Carton making machine operators are the workers that have the responsibility of preparing cartons for the final products. They have to make the needed number of cartons by the due date.

Quality control

Bitatin Factory products are strictly quality controlled from the very beginning of entering the factory until the final stage of leaving it. These controls are implemented step by step by the careful cooperation of quality control agent and isolation hall manager based on the highest standards of global and national certificates. The result is the production of high quality and internationally approved products that have both international appeal and worldwide acceptance.

Collected figs from Estahban lands arrive at the factory in trucks. After that they first go through the size sorting and then color sorting machines. Later they are disinfected by trained workers.  In the next stage, the figs go on some large belts for being eye-sorted by human hands. Final disinfecting is applied to the products and laboratory tests are done on the figs before they are packed and sheared in the shearing hall.

Finally, the packages are randomly opened and inspected by the production hall manager for final sanitation and quality control.

The packages are quarantined until they are loaded for their journey to their final destination.