Damask rose

Damask rose is one of the most famous types of rose in the world and in the history of gardening.

Because of its favorable climate condition IRAN has always been the pioneer country in the production of this type of rose. Therefore, Iranian Damask rose has a unique fantastic aroma among the other similar species.

Although today Damask rose is cultivated in the four corners of Iran, it was first planted in Shiraz- the capital city of Fars province -in the Achaemenids period. Shiraz is still ranked as the first Damask rose cultivating area in the whole country.

This type of rose is highly adaptable to the living conditions of its environment.  In fact, high adaptability to dry climates is the unique feature of Damask rose.

Collection is the most important, critical and expensive phase in the production of Damask rose and takes place in spring. It starts early April and lasts to late May.

Main by-products of Damask rose are rose water, rose extract, rose oil and dried petals.

Health benefits of Damask rose:

Damask rose is an excellent facial cleanser and fixes facial wrinkles. It can also be used as a powerful detoxifier of liver and gallbladder which can boost up the immune system of the body and therefore fight all kinds of cancer and infection. It is also used to eliminate anxiety and depression and helps weight loss.

How to use Damask rose:

1. In perfume industry

2. In beauty products and cosmetics like creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos

3. In baking and pastry industry like cakes, sweets, delights, pies, puddings, tarts, halvas, jellies, jams, ice-creams,etc.

Most of the Damask rose offered to the market is in the form of dried buds.

Damask rose can be used in the following forms:


2-Open flowers




Damask Rose Dry Buds

Damask Rose Dry Flowers

Damask Rose Powder