Standard ISO 10004: 2018

Standard ISO 10004: 2018

Standard ISO 10004: 2018

Nowadays, complying with the fact that the priority should be the customer satisfaction is the key to the success of an organization due to the close competition in industries and companies to attract customers so that if an organization with the highest level of investment does not pay attention to customer opinion and satisfaction, then it will certainly fail.

All the goals and processes defined by an organization should ultimately lead to the customer satisfaction and to win his/her attention, and if an organization does not pay enough attention to this important point, then its movement will be in the darkness without any planning and vision.

Customer satisfaction measurment is one of the important and necessary steps for the organization success.

ISO 10004 standard is developed to ensure the satisfaction and to win the customer satisfaction of organizations and companies.

What is the definition of customer satisfaction? When can a customer be dissatisfied with a product or service?

Dissatisfaction arises when a gap appears between the customers expectations and the customers perception and inference of the product being offered to them.

In any organization or company, special attention should be paid to the expectations and prospects of the customer, which is the basic basis of any product, and a clear and precise vision can be defined and the move towards meeting it can be made by planning and understanding their demands. The fact that when the product is delivered to the customer is as expected or beyond it determines customer satisfaction. It is important to note that we must distinguish between the organizations viewpoint of the product quality offered and the customers perception and inference of the product delivered.

An important point to consider about the standard ISO 10004is that a very limited number of customers express their complaints and dissatisfaction with the product and a very large percentage of them leave the organization without a complaint, and this maximum population can be move silently and gradually challenge the credibility or reputation of the product and the organization.

The main task of the standard ISO 10004, along with the ISO 10002, is to prevent such events from occurring.

The message of standard ISO 10004 is that the opinions and customers’ satisfaction of the organization have a special priority and importance and are always at the top of the goals and visions defined by the organization.

The standard ISO 10004 can be used in very small to very large organizations.