Familiar with ISO9001: 2015 standard

Familiar with ISO9001: 2015 standard

Familiar with ISO9001: 2015 standard

ISO9001 is one of the most important and widely used international standards of all existing and defined ISOs.

The implementation of management and quality assurance systems is a strategic and important decision of the system or organization, which can help the organization improve performance and efficiency. The foundation of a modern and logical development system for the planning and implementation of its activities.

ISO9001 is an international standard that systematically implements the circular process of planning, implementation, review and action of PDCA, and then applies Risk-based thinking Lets take a look at the PDCA cycle for more information.

Plan: The purpose of the plan is to determine the overall goals of the organization and all its plans, processes and resources It needs to be adapted to the needs and requirements of customers and the established policies of the organization.

Personalizing risks and opportunities are to solve them.

Implementation: all the implementation and arrangements specified in the plan.

- Review: Continuous and periodic review of products and services and all elements in the design, such as objectives Identify systems and procedures, processes and risks, and continuously report their results, and continuously.

- Actions: Implement actions and tasks that can effectively improve organizational performance.

A systematic and process-based approach ensures that organizations allocate resources Data are sufficient for each process, continuously managed, and envisage opportunities. The organization chart applies to them.

Risk-based thinking enables organizations to solve the factors that disrupt and transfer processes, and

The results of the implementation of the quality management system identification plan and the predetermined procedures for preventing and reducing its destructive and negative impact.

In ISO9001, verbs are used for specific definitions:

Must: Indicate laws and obligations.

This word is better: it represents a suggestion.

This word is possible: to indicate permission.

The last word can be: indicating position, possibility or ability.

The ISO9001:2015 standard applies to any organization or company without considering any size or industry restrictions, and makes full use of it.