Fig and Hair

Fig and Hair

Fig is one of the most popular things used in the hair care industry. It is a valuable divine gift for human beings as it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants for the health of skin and hair. 

Sometimes you think of using a variety of pills and shampoos to have bushy and healthy hair, which is displayed in advertisements and you wish to have such hair, we dare to tell you that you can have healthy, thick, and bushy hair using figs.

Research has shown that figs contain nutrients such as magnesium, vitamins A, C, and E, protein, iron, and some other nutrients that are essential for hair growth and health.

These nutrients accelerate the hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.

Vitamin E is the most important vitamin in figs that turns curly, frizzy, brittle, and uncontrollable hair into healthy, smooth, bushy, and thick hair. Figs are rich in this sort of vitamin.

The high amount of vitamin C in figs helps to form collagen (the protein that makes up most of our scalp). Therefore, figs prevent the hair shrinkage due to breakage and hair loss.

Vitamin A in figs helps produce sebum (skin fat) which causes the hair growth as well as the reduction of hair damage.

In addition, high concentration of magnesium is another nutrient for the hair, and causes the blood circulation and acceleration of hair growth. If you have a problem with hair loss, then you should put figs in your food basket.

It should be mentioned that fresh figs contain significant level of calcium, which is one of the factors of making collagen. Hair follicles also need proteins such as creatine and collagen to be nourished and the figs provide this important and essential protein.

Figs are rich in iron, which is the most important mineral for the hair growth.

Figs are very useful for maintaining the natural color of hair. The fruit also contains copper, which is a mineral that prevents premature whitening of hair. Eating figs can prevent premature whitening of hair.

When old hairs start falling off, the hair follicles need nutrients to start growing new hairs. Diet and some natural elements can also be used to supply nutrients and figs are at the top of the list due to their richness in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

You can use figs in different forms to have healthy hair:

1- As a fresh food

2- Dried

3- In combination with honey, aloe vera, or lemon

The simplest way to use figs to strengthen the hair is in dried form and up to 3 pieces can be used daily.

Another way to use figs is to use it in the form of wet.

Eating figs will make you give a proper response to get the natural and necessary elements for your hair growth. You will feel your hair thickness, health, and bushiness by using figs for a long time.

Like all foods that have side effects if consumed in large quantities, figs will cause no side effects in itself if consumed as much as needed and properly. Digestive disorders can be among the side effects of figs.