About us

Bitatin Estahban Cooperative Company registered under no.392 by Registry of Companies in July 2011.

Founders have more than 20 years of experience in buying, selling and packing figs and have steps forwards each years in fulfillment of their objectives

The company uses advance and modern machinery, lab equipments in producing, packing and disinfection of dried fruits, date, rose flower and fig. For the company specialized knowledge in buying and selling different grades of fig of superior quality and high nutrients, the product is competitively exported following the important strategy of the state economic development

Bitatin Cooperative Company supplies the products and packages under Banasak Fig and Golden Fig trade mark meeting significant part of local and international customers’ need trying to attract customers’ satisfaction.


Bita Tin Cooperative Company has Operation License from Agricultural Jihad Organization  and some other production licenses from Food and Drug Management.

Bita Tin supplies incomparable products in quality and price

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